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Are We A Fit?

DOWN UNDER online has been developing custom designed websites since 1998. We are not a fit for everyone but the following will assist you to determine if we are.

Website Design Services Port Douglas Australia Client Base


Small & Medium Business
We offer the best affordable small business website. We’re not the most in-expensive, but you pay for the quality of what you get and there is no better value available than with a site designed by DOWN UNDER online.

Service Business
The purpose of a website is to generate a lead that results in a sale. Our sites are not only designed just to look good, but to generate sales and new business for our clients.

Website Design Services Port Douglas Australia Responsive Optimised Sites


Responsive Websites
Web pages are optimised and sized to work within any media environment such as mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops

Search Engine Optimisation
We collaborate with you to go over your target market and use meta, keywords, alt tags accordingly in conjunction with a site map to give the site the best possible listing on a website.

Some would argue that meta keywords and description lines are no longer necessary. Did you know that some engines use them and others don’t. Why not offer engines what they are looking for while others will ignore the data.

Content Management System
We do design sites for clients who wish to make changes to their websites themselves. However, we have discovered over the years that clients we have programmed CMS as part of their website content, turn around and ask us to make all the changes as they would rather do what they do best and let us do what we do best. Why spend the money if you’re not going to use the features?

Website Design Services Port Douglas Australia Website Portfolio


Our Portfolio
You like the look and feel of the sampling of recent websites we have designed and published to the Internet.

Our Process
You trust the order of our step-by-step website design methodology plus the years of experience we have.

Website Hosting
24/7/365 uptime for your website. We offer secure and hi-tech comprehensive website hosting services.